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*pronounced “Gahn-BAH-ray”

Dear Friends,

In response to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami tragedy that struck on March 11, 2011, we had the same heartbreak and feeling of powerlessness that the whole world had. Chris and I spent 7 years in Japan teaching English, and it was there that Kamibashi (“paper bridge”) was born. After several days of watching the footage and continuing to feel helpless, we were thrilled when our friend and customer Curtis Hawes, an American with a fashion distribution business in Japan, invited us to design something we could both sell in which the proceeds would benefit the earthquake relief fund of the Japanese Red Cross.

We discussed the project with our string doll makers in Thailand, who have given us a 20% discount on each doll. We enlisted the help of Markuz Wernli Saitô, our longtime friend and web designer in Kyoto, Japan, who has prepared all of the graphics for a greatly reduced price. Our Japanese sister-in-law, Minhae, and Dominick Yenches of One World Trading translated this message for us, and we will be enlisting more low-paid helpers and volunteers in both the US and Japan to help us sell and ship as many Ganbare Bears as we can. The entire net profit from the sale of this doll via the Kamibashi website will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross, and he will also be available in stores across Japan thanks to the hard work of Curtis and his staff in Japan and in the U.S.

We named this string doll “Ganbare” Bear, a Japanese term that is used in many different situations, and which means, among other things, “persevere during challenging times.” It is also a word that is used during sporting events when fans are cheering on their team. We have heard from Curtis, Markuz, Minhae and from other friends and family there that a major source of inspiration for those in Japan has been the emotional support received from people around the world. Please help aid them in their huge recovery effort by purchasing a String Doll Gang Ganbare Bear and by keeping all of Japan in your thoughts and prayers.

Gratefully yours,

Kristen & Chris
— March 24, 2011

Ganbare Bear (sd1145)

Thank you! The total of $9839.60 has been donated to the Japanese Red Cross as of July 1, 2011.



2011年の3月11日に日本を襲った大地震と津波を見て、私たちも世界中の人たちと同じように、無力感と悲しみで心がいっぱいになりました。クリスと私は日本で英語教師として7年を過ごし、日本語の”紙橋”からとったカミバシという会社ができたのもこの時のことです。2人とも日本には強い思い入れがあります。やり切れない思いのまま、災害発生から何日か過ごしたある日、アメリカと日本でファッションの輸入代理店を経営する、友人のカーティス・ハーズから、アイテムを何か共同制作して、その利益のすべてを日本赤十字社の災害復興支援へ寄付するという、”Ganbare Nippon” チャリティ・プロジェクトへ誘ってもらいました。すぐに参加させてもらうよう返事をしたのは、言うまでもありません。


がんばれベアーのネーミングは、「厳しい時期でも果敢に乗り越えていく」という姿勢を”がんばれ”という言葉で表現したものです。 カーティスやマーカスをはじめとした日本の友人みなから、海外から届いた応援やメッセージに励まされているという声を多く聞きました。私たちの気持ちも、このがんばれベアーに乗せて日本の方々に届けたいです。ぜひ、日本の皆様のために祈りを捧げると共に、ストリング・ドール・ギャングの「がんばれベアー」を購入して頂き、日本の復興支援にご協力をお願いいたします。


クリステン & クリス
— 2011年3月24日

がんばれベアー (sd 1145)

Thank you! The total of $9839.60 has been donated to the Japanese Red Cross as of July 1, 2011.
Ganbare Bear Ganbare Bear* (sd1145)

Thank you! The total of $9839.60 has been donated to the Japanese Red Cross as of July 1, 2011.
Ganbare Bear

Gambare Bear comes with a double-sided fabric tag and lobster claw keyring (pictured). He is handcrafted in Thailand from cotton string and felt.

Size: 2" to 3"

Price: $10.00 each

Ships: April 25, 2011


サイズ: 5cm - 7cm

価格: ¥1000

発送日: 2011年 4月25日(月)

The GANBARE BEAR initiative has been made possible due to the generous support of Curtis Hawes and his staff at Another World (USA and Japan), the String Doll Gang® Artisans (Thailand), Markuz Wernli Saitô (Switzerland/Japan), Minhae Doherty (Japan), Yoshimi Imazato (Japan), Chris & Kristen Daniels (USA), and YOU!