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String Doll Design Contest

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Design Contest 2014: Contest Closed!


We are excited to announce our annual “Create Your Own String Doll Contest.” In 2015, the String Doll Gang by Kamibashi will turn 10 years old! In celebration of this milestone birthday, we are having our first string doll contest with a theme: Happy Birthday! The winning Happy Birthday-themed design will be featured throughout 2015 on the Kamibashi website and on our Facebook page.  It will also have a prominent location in our 2015 wholesale catalog.

Please fill out the PDF entry form or the Word entry form with your string doll idea and e-mail it by OCTOBER 10 to: stringdollcontest@kamibashi.com or fax it to: 864-751-5744. We’ll confirm your entry by automated e-mail. If you don’t receive an e-mail confirmation please contact Kristen: kristen@kamibashi.com

1. You must be a Kamibashi Facebook Fan to enter — please “like” us if you are not already our fan before sending in your entry, thanks! The winner will be announced on Facebook on October 15.

2. Only one entry per person, though there can be multiple entries per household.

3. The winning entry or entries  will become the property of Kamibashi, though we will of course give all of the credit to you for your fabulous idea and print your name (with your permission of course) on our Facebook page, website, and in a Kamibashi Newsletter.

4. Kamibashi reserves the right to change any aspect of your doll as we see fit.  This includes the doll’s name and special power.

5. The winner will receive 10 string dolls of their own design which will be sent out as soon as we receive our first batch of them in early January, 2015.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail Kristen: kristen@kamibashi.com



Winning Entries and Designers (2010—13):
Officer O'Malley by Lisa M., Bones by Erin B., Casey Jones by Kira G., Amelia by Alexis J., The Gradugator by Casey and Leah, Walker by Hunter S., Cleanalina by Kira G., Pyro by Jaret G., Wally by Roger, Humpty by Julie M., Cirene by Aleisha C., Jess by Nina E., Cupcake by Jordan S.