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"I am intrigued by rediscovering what seems so ordinary, or what we take so much for granted, be it the bus stop in front of my house, or the portrait of a Japanese garden. The world we see is a reality projected in our heads – my mission is to discard preconceptions, revisit the way we see, and turn banality into experience," he says.

Self protrait in progress...

Markuz is currently working on various book publication projects and does ongoing editorial contributions for Kyoto Journal and culturally inclined magazines worldwide. Recently he has been realizing art initiatives that instigate the creative potential within communal spaces in Japan, Europe and the U.S.

Markuz, Web Master and Travelling Artist

Photos that infuse Kamibashi products with life.

An (online) catalog succeds if the product can be experienced.

Markuz Wernli – designer, photographer, and lover of life – is the creator behind the Kamibashi® web site and the product branding (tags and labels) seen on our pages. Simply put, Markuz captured the essence of Kamibashi and helps us to represent the appeal and beauty of our products in cyberspace as they are in real life. We couldn't be happier with the results!

Originating from a small town in northern Switzerland, Markuz's love of life has led him on adventures all around the world. From studying jewelry design in Zurich, to volunteering as a guest intern at an inner city church in New Jersey, to a career as an independent interface designer in San Francisco, to his current artistic base in Kyoto, Japan, Markuz has shown that he is a versatile and capable individual who loves a challenge.

Markuz lives in a traditional Japanese house in the west part of Kyoto with his wife Yuka, a native of Kyoto. When Markuz is not working for Kamibashi® he enjoys hiking, baking whole-wheat bread and hashing out participatory, public art projects.

As an "evolving" photographer (a term that we at Kamibashi feel is much too humble), Markuz says, "Photography helps me to record and share the daily wonders and insignificant visual sensations that I am privileged to witness. Those precious, short moments when life suddenly comes to a halt."