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Surprise the recipient of your purchase with a FREE gift note!

Gift Purchases & Gift Notes

We love when people send Kamibashi products to their friends and family, and they will love it too! Here are some common questions regarding gift purchases and gift notes:

A: You can send a gift directly by typing in the address of the recipient when you are ready to complete your order and "Check Out." You will input their name and address (instead of your own name and address) when prompted to by the PayPal website (remember that you do not have to have a PayPal account to pay using their website).

A: If PayPal won't let you change the address please don't get frustrated as this happens all the time. Just continue the check-out process and leave your own address on the order. When you have finished paying and the transaction is complete please e-mail sales@kamibashi.com immediately with your name and the correct address of the recipient. We will make sure that the order goes to your lucky friend and not to you. You can also call us with the info at: 828-333-5166.

A: If your gift is being sent straight from us then we'll be happy to include your personalized message with it – just send us an e-mail right after you make your purchase telling him your name, who the shipment is headed to, and what you want your note to say. This is a FREE service and we love when people take advantage of it! You can of course buy one of Kamibashi's fun greeting cards for us to write the note in, but this is not necessary in order for a gift note to be sent along with your purchase.

A: If an order is shipping to a name that is different from the name of the person who purchased it we do not include an invoice and instead include a note that says "Sent to you from (buyer's name)." If your order is a gift, please take advantage of our FREE gift note service – see directly above for details!

A: We ship all online orders within 24 hours of their receipt (or Monday if your order comes in on the weekend) by Priority Mail, which usually takes 2 - 4 days to arrive to US addresses. Sadly, there is no guarantee of this and it could (though probably won't) take a few days longer.

If you need your gift there by a specific date and want to be absolutely sure it gets there, please e-mail sales@kamibashi.com or call our office and we can give you a quote for next day, 2-day, 3-day, or ground UPS. If you choose one of these methods we will send you a PayPal link or get your credit card number over the phone to cover the additional charges. The $5.95 you've already paid for shipping (or more if it is an international order) will be put towards the new shipping charge.

A: For all other questions feel free to call or e-mail to ask:
Tel in North Carolina (EST): 828-333-5166