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Custom Orders

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Choose your favorite character from over 130 String Dolls and place a Jumbo String Doll order that we'll make just for you!

Jumbo String Dolls make great (and sellable!) displays and now you can choose your store’s favorite String Doll Gang character and have him or her made into a one-foot-tall, custom-made Jumbo doll! These handmade, limited edition pieces of art will make anyone smile.

Select your character, choose your hair color as well as the color of any other feature that is easily changed (hats, shirts, etc.) and then e-mail Kristen at kristen@kamibashi.com with your order. Normally custom-made Jumbo String Dolls take 4 to 6 weeks to be produced, but if you need your special Jumbo earlier than that, please contact us right away and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

For further questions a, please drop Kristen a line: kristen@kamibashi.com.


For their Christmas 2008 campaign Amnesty International in Holland realized a custom Koonin Family Pet™

Got a great idea for a String Doll, Koonin Family Pet, or DEBO Superhero? Would your logo character look good in string, fabric, or vinyl? Let us help you make it a reality!

Send us your idea (include a picture of your character if possible) as well as the approximate quantity you would like to order. Normally the minimum quantity is several hundred, but if we think we can incorporate your idea into our Kamibashi collection (with your permission of course!) then the minimum is fewer.

Another way to customize our fun products is to use one of our existing items but with a custom tag that we design just for you with your company's name and contact info – great for trade show giveaways, corporate events, and holiday gifts

E-mail kristen@kamibashi.com