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Kamibashi POP Displays

Five display options to fit your retail needs.

The old adage “The more you have the more you sell” is certainly true for the String Doll Gang. Just ask women’s clothing boutique “Frances” in Phoenix, who has sold over 4,000 String Dolls in the last 3 years.

Attractive Display Solutions for Kamibashi Dolls

Our product displays make it easy for retailers to successfully promote Kamibashi products for maximum sales.


String Doll Floor Display with Product Cards


TOP: Our Floor Display Spinner has a footprint under 1.5 feet and is the ultimate “one-stop-shop” for the expanding product range of The String Doll Gang®. It holds a total of 240 carded String Dolls (6 each of 40 characters).

The tag line on the base panel reads: “Use as: bag charm, keychain, ornament, desk buddy... you name it!”


LEFT: Detail view of Floor Display: Header panel (5,175" x 9,5").

Dimensions: 5’ 5” tall, 16” wide, 12” deep

Price: $180.00 (this does not include the cost of the dolls to fill it)

Kamibashi Pays To Ship Your Display (your 200 doll opening order ships separately and store pays shipping on dolls)

Holds: 240 dolls (6 each of 40 characters)

Minimum Opening Order: 200 dolls, min. 5 per character (girl and boy dolls of the same design count as one character)

Offset: 18 free dolls of your choice (you will receive 218 dolls for the price of 200 dolls)

Minimum Reorder: 30 dolls, no minimum per character

Stores who have the Kamibashi floor display LOVE it! We have found that stores who invest in this display order more frequently and sell more dolls than stores who do not have it, which we ALL love!

What makes this display a winner is that the dolls come on product cards which have the doll’s name and special power written on the front of the card, and information about Kamibashi as well as each character’s unique UPC code on the back of the card. As always, each doll also comes with a fabric name tag which can remain attached to the doll's keychain after the doll is removed from the card.

Each side of the display fits 5 rows of 4 dolls, with 5 or 6 dolls to a peg for a total of 100-120 dolls per side (200-240 total). To fill it up, choose from our catalog of best sellers or have us choose for you. Either way, if you find that some dolls just aren't moving, we encourage you to send them back to swap them out for something new.

E-mail kristen@kamibashi.com if you have questions and to order this floor display.

String Doll Floor Display


Product Card

Front and back side of Product Card.
Each doll has its own UPC code.
(uncoated paperboard, 7.5” x 2.5”).

Size: 7.5” by 2.5”


Our Product Cards prominently feature each String Doll's name and power for improved visibility in your shop. They are free of charge, but we do have a minimum of 3 per character when ordering dolls on product cards. Please note that there is no reorder min. per character for stores who have our floor display.

String Dolls look great on product cards no matter how you display them! If you have room on your walls or an existing display to hang the product cards then we would be happy to make you a custom sign to hang in the space above them!


Kamibashi Counter Display

Our POP counter display is two-sided and spins. Choose between product-carded dolls or uncarded!

Holds: 48 Kamibashi dolls


Our POP Counter Display is a classy spinner with 6 hooks per side for carded dolls, 9 hooks per side for uncarded. Displays are $40 each (including shipping) with an order of 50 dolls and are offset with 4 free dolls of your choice.


Please note that your display will ship separately from the dolls. We always aim for your display to arrive either before or on the same day as your dolls, but if it has not then it should be there soon. Please call us at 828-333-5166 if you have not received your display within 3 days of receiving your dolls (or vice versa) so that we can check into it.


E-mail kristen@kamibashi.com if you have questions and to order this POP Spinner Counter display.

The Eye-Catcher for Your Counter & Shop Window

Jumbo String Dolls

Like their small, 3-inch counterparts, these handmade, one-foot-tall pieces of fine art are made using one piece of string with nothing underneath.

Just like their 3-inch counterparts, these FOOT TALL handmade pieces of fine art are made using one piece of string with nothing underneath. Each one comes with a stand so that you can put it wherever you choose — perhaps with some smaller String Doll friends in your shop window, or next to your String Doll Gang display (see above). Guaranteed to make anyone smile, these dolls can also be sold, at which point all you need to do is order another one!


Visit our designated Jumbo String Dolls page.


Choose One Free 11" x 17" String Doll Poster for Your Shop Window!


POP Posters

These eye-catching POS posters are sized 11" x 17".

What better way to let people know you are selling the coolest product out there than to put a String Doll Gang poster in your shop's window! Choose your favorite character from 10 of our top sellers and we'll send you an 11 x 17 print in the mail. To order your FREE poster, send Carney an e-mail with your store name, address, and which poster you'd like.


Visit our detailed String Doll Gang POS Posters page to order.