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Our birchwood POP Counter Display, a great storefront solution for The String Doll Gang®, The Koonin Family Pets, DEBO Superheroes, and BLABBOs.

US Retailers – Stores and Wholesale

Kamibashi warmly welcomes any retailer who would like to stock our products. We are so sure you will sell our fun stuff and be back for more that we also offer a money back guarantee. You just can't lose!

Kamibashi's wholesale order forms can be downloaded from our password protected Wholesale Central page. The password can be found in the top right corner of our 2010 Catalog Supplement sheet or by sending an e-mail to Chris. You can also receive the password by calling our office at 828-333-5166. Access to Kamibashi's Wholesale Central is limited to retail stores or retail websites with a current Tax ID number. If you are not a current wholesale customer, please provide this information when requesting the password.

Below you will find more wholesale information such as product minimums and ship time and methods – thank you so much for your interest in Kamibashi!

*Please note that you can mix and match different doll brands to make the 40 or 50 piece minimums.

The String Doll Gang: 40 pieces assorted, no minimum per character. You choose which dolls you want or let us send you our "best sellers" — and remember, the more you buy the more you sell, so why not start with 100?! Stores who order 50 or more pieces can opt to buy our Birchwood POP Counter Display for $35 (including shipping from the workshop where it is made in Oregon). The display is offset with 3 free string dolls of your choice.

The Koonin Family Pets: 40 pieces assorted (no minimum per type of pet). Please note that pets are ordered by TYPE of pet (8 cats, 3 dogs, etc.) and not by shape. There are many more shapes than can be seen on our website and we'll be sure to send a nice variety. Tags are also assorted — please do not request certain mottos. Stores who order 50 or more pieces can opt to buy our Birchwood Counter POP Display for $35 (including shipping from the workshop where it is made in Oregon). The display is offset with 3 free Koonin Pets of your choice.

DEBO Superheroes: 40 pieces assorted (no minimum per shape). Please note that DEBO Superheroes are made in limited editions of 50 and are ordered by STYLE (5 Maru-bo, 10 Hako-bo, etc.). You will not receive exactly the same dolls as you see on the website, but they will be the same shape and just as cool as the ones you see on the website. Tags are also assorted — please do not request certain powers. Stores who order 50 or more pieces can opt to buy our Birchwood POP Counter Display for $35 (including shipping from the workshop where it is made in Oregon). The display is offset with 3 free DEBO Superheroes of your choice.

Freak-O-Bags: 24 pieces assorted (no minimum per style). If FOBs are ordered along with other products we are happy to be flexible on the minimum. We do not currently have a POP Counter Display for the Freak-O-Bags.

BLABBOS: 30 pieces assorted. We will send a selection of all BLABBOS shapes, please do not order by shape. Our Birchwood POP Counter Display is $35 (including shipping) with any order of 80 or more BLABBOs, or 40 BLABBOs and 25 other dolls. The display is offset with 5 free BLABBOs.

Greeting Cards, Stickers, Yuzen, Magnets (any combination of all four): $75, or no minimum if order accompanies a 40 piece doll order. Minimum of 6 per greeting card image.

Framed Prints: Minimum 6 assorted, no minimum per image. Framed prints are invoiced separately from other products and ship from the fabulous poster company we work with in Connecticut.

For more information visit our designated Kamibashi POP Displays page.

Our goal is to get our products to you fast, cuz the sooner you have it the sooner you sell it. We generally get orders out within 48 hours, but during gift show season (the months of February, March, July, and August) or the mad holiday rush, we end up taking longer. Beat the rush and order early!
If it is not busy season and your order hasn't arrived within two weeks of ordering then something is probably wrong (perhaps we never got your fax) so please give us a call and make sure we're on top of it – thanks!

1. Personal Check in USD from a U.S. or Canadian bank. Please make out checks to "Kamibashi" and send to:

  • Kamibashi
    P.O. Box 1484
    Leicester, NC 28748

2. Credit Card – First orders are always processed by credit card (or prepaid by check), and future orders are Net 30 or credit card, whichever you prefer. First time buyers should fill in their credit card info on page 4 of our "full" order form, or page 1 of our "mini" order form, or give us a call with the info.

3. PayPal – If you prefer to use PayPal let us know and we'll send you a link for the full amount

3. Bank Wire – If you prefer this method we'll e-mail you our banking info.

We normally have everything in stock (including all of our 100+ String Doll Gang characters!) but once in a great while we do run out of something for a short time. If something you order is unavailable, Kristen will immediately notify you to see if you would like to backorder it, exchange it for a different character or different product, or cancel it from your order

We ship wholesale store orders out within 48 hours of their receipt by UPS Ground, which we have found to be the safest and cheapest method of shipment. Because we are located in North Carolina, orders to the West Coast take a full week to arrive, whereas orders to the East Coast, South, and Midwest normally take 2 to 3 days. Given the ship times, if you have not received your order within 10 days of sending it to us please call or e-mail Kristen, and she'll look into it.

Please also note that all Framed Print orders are invoiced separately and will ship separately from Connecticut by UPS ground and take the same timeframe as above to arrive.

If you need your order even FASTER please call (828) 333-5166 or e-mail Kristen for a quote on next-day, 2-day, and 3-day delivery by UPS. It's best to call if you need us to ship it on the day you are calling.

Any product that arrives in less than perfect condition may be returned for a full refund. To make a return, please send an e-mail within 3 days of receipt with: 1) your name 2) store name 3) your invoice number and 4) a brief description of the nature of the problem to: kristen@kamibashi.com.

She will apologize profusely as well as refund the item(s) and pay for the return shipping of any product that is deemed imperfect. Shipping expenses for shipping from North Carolina to the customer will only be refunded if the entire order is found to be damaged.

Please remember too that our products are guaranteed. If 3 months have passed and you still have more than half of your original order you may return the remaining product to us for a refund.

For all other questions feel free to call or e-mail to ask:

Many thanks for your interest in Kamibashi – we look forward to working with you!