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String Doll Jumbos

The String Doll Gang® Now Comes in Jumbo Size! Well, at least some of them do! Just like their 3-inch counterparts, these handmade pieces of fine art are made using one piece of string with nothing underneath.

Each one comes with a stand so that you can put your FOOT TALL string doll buddy wherever you choose. Guaranteed to make anyone smile, these dolls are the perfect gift for the string doll collector you love the most. Or better yet, buy one for yourself! Jumbo String Dolls also make great displays for retail stores – put one in your window or on your counter today.

Contains: One Jumbo String Doll with fabric tag and metal stand (pictured).

Size: 1 foot (30 cm)

Price: $100.00 each

Custom Jumbo
NEW! Make Your Own Jumbo!

Jumbo JettyBetty
Jetty Betty sd1754
2 Options:

Jumbo Moody Cow
Moody Cow sd1751
1 Option:

Jumbo Ollie
NEW! Jumbo Ollie sd1755
2 Options:

Jumbo Twinkle
Little Frank sd1752
1 Option:

Jumbo String Blade
NEW! Jumbo String Blade sd1756
4 Options:

Jumbo AstroNeil
Jumbo AstroNeil sd1753
1 Option:

Jumbo Twinkle
Jumbo Twinkle sd1750
4 Options:

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